Dreams To Success Video Starts  Feb and March 2019


Napoleon Hill's book has made many rich. Are you next?



The invention of the cell or smart phone has created a little rectangular monster that is invading our lives and taking us hostage.

1.  Like any addiction it starts very slowly, but then the addiction grows.

2.  We don't realize that it has taken control until it is too late. 

3. This seminar is designed to help break the habit so that you are control instead of the phone

4. Our youth and adults do not have a get any warnings until it is too late. 

5 I want to be your early warning system.

Executive Coaching: Solutions that create change.

Business Coaching unravels our thoughts and brings tremendous clarity of thought. Which then creates more income and better business ideas.

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D is the Dominate, I is the inspiring type, S is your supportive person and C is the cautious or caclulating  Knowing each personalty and how to communicate with each. We explore this so you can commnunicate and connect better with others.

life is about choices you should chose to

Make more! work less! develop lasting relationships!