Growth Opportunities


Mastermind Groups – Round table type discussion with 6 to 14 where like minded people gather and discuss how to become better leaders in a changing society. When we meet with several minds we become a master mind able to tackle bigger problems with the help of each other.


What are the challenges – Determine your greatest challenges then decide what you can do to get them under control.  As a coach will help you to see and plan on how to overcome these challenges.  Many times what you say out loud to someone becomes much clearer to you. Then you are able to control the outcome.

Leadership Game Videos

What a couple of good people saw from their interaction with the game.

Beliefs are connected to your results?

Upcoming Events


Beginning the week of July 20 Growth and How to Shift:   we will start the next series of:

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Who I am


Country boy who grew up on the farm.  I thought I wanted to be a man of the world so I joined the military and left the small farm boy behind. 

What I found out was that inside I was still a small farm boy.  It wasn't until about 5 years later that I found out the small farm boy had to grow up.  By then I had been married for 3 years.  I was beginning to believe in myself and my abilities.  I also received Christ as my savior.

It wasn't until I really discoverd who I was that I began to really grow.  I started reading and following leaders, mostly John Maxwell, that I really began to discover who I am.

Since then I have been on a steady growth climb which covers a little over 30 years.  Now I am certifed in many areas and love to help others grow into who they want to be.  If you feel like you are still looking that's okay.  I would love to help you find it.  Send me a messge and lets get you pointed toward your true north.