Personal Fitness Trainer and Coach

Cetified Through National Academy of Sports Medicine
Strengths, I have lived and practice physical fitness for over 40 years.
Experience, Known for my endurance in running, bicycling, martial arts, and racquet sports.
Purpose, Help you find the strength within because you will never change if you don't decide you are going to.  We need change and have it within ourselves to become the change we want to be.
Results, This is what it is all about we will track your results so that we can provide the best results that are safe on your body.  Yes there will be some soreness but we will do our best to keep that to a minimum so that you create the daily routine you need to have a better quality of life.

life is about choices you should chose to

Make more! work less! And develop lasting relationships!

Executive Coaching: Solutions that create change.

Business Coaching unravels our thoughts and brings tremendous clarity of thought. Which then creates more income and better business ideas.


D is the Dominate, I is the inspiring type, S is your supportive person and C is the cautious or caclulating  Knowing each personalty and how to communicate with each. We explore this so you can commnunicate and connect better with others.

DISC Behavior at the air port.


Healthy activators for

your health.  Mind, body

and bones.

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